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Rafae Barahona, Owner


R3 Design’s founder is Rafael Barahona, a creative consultant with years of professional experience in design and marketing. R3 Design partners with a powerful network of Advertising Gurus and IT Specialists to provide a wide array of services including graphic design, web design, logo design, branding and marketing.

Good Design is simple, functional, beautiful


It’s not complicated, but it is powerful. Put these principles to work for you.

  • Good Design is Simple
  • Good Design is Functional
  • Good Design is Beautiful
Finding the solution


R3 Design improves the design landscape and provides the highest level of client satisfaction by delivering first-rate results that go beyond what is desired and providing needed solutions. This means translating desired emotional reactions into visual productions, staying true to brand to while solving problems.


Very artistic and creative! His creativity and background allow him to design a diverse array of products across a variety of platforms. Aside from being a great value, he is always punctual and works well with clients on the creative process.

Kate Fleming

Kate Fleming

R3 Design was easy to work with, bringing new creative ideas, and submitting deliverables quickly and cost effectively. I would definitely recommend R3 Design’s services to others!

Nathan Mitten

Nathan Mitten

He is creative. He is calm under pressure. He thinks through issues but is not paralyzed to act. He is an avid learner and believes that no problem is too large to be solved.

Cindy Fredrick

Cindy Fredrick

Dependable, good-natured, and a very quick study. He is agreeable, fun to work with and never shirks from a tough job.


Deke Shrum

The Blog

Design 101: Typography

Typography is so much more than letters and fonts and there already exists a myriad of resources out there dedicated to the fine art of typography.  You likely have a favorite font or perhaps one you despise (you definitely do if you are a designer!). You may have...


Recently , I was asked by Mennonite Health Services to write a piece on Character, one of the four C’s they identify in Valued Leadership (Character, Collaboration, Culture, Change). No small task, but a great opportunity again for me to engage this whole endeavor of running a business.

R3 Design Process

It was a great privilege to work with David and Carrie Lee Bland Kendall of Kendall Pictures to produce this video. Not only are they are fantastic at what they do, I am pleased to call them my friends. The music was written and produced by another friend, Nate Butler...

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