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High Quality, Low Cost Images

These days almost everybody is on a budget, but inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap.  When it comes to great photos, many assume that this will cost a pretty penny. Not always the case! In fact, there are a whole bunch of sites that offer low cost and very high...

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Time Management: Ebbs and Flows

Ok, this will be the first, and unfortunately, probably not the last, post dedicated to time management. More specifically, one where I talk about finding time. I suppose another word for this is discipline. Honestly, I have trouble with discipline. It is hard. I eat...

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Things to Consider When Posting Photos

You’ve got your new site all set up and are now wanting to populate it with more content. If the text on your site is main course, the images you post are the dessert, or at the very least, the spices. Consider carefully what photos you choose to post. It should be...

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One of the catalysts with taking R3 Design to the next level has been my involvement with LaunchPad. What is LaunchPad? Essentially, it is a business incubator that aims to fill the gap between the coffee shop and the leased office space for entrepreneurs. Last year,...

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On Being a Designer

I was never the kid who knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up.  In fact, I do believe I wanted to be many different things at many different points... hockey player, astronaut, fireman, robot.  I don't think I ever thought about being a designer.  I always...

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Happy New Year!

This year, I am not setting any goals! You heard right!  There were a few that seemed really achievable as I was trolling to interwebs, like: DON'T LET ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY...of eating a pint of ice cream in one sitting IT"S NEVER TOO LATE... to forget a foreign...

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Beginnings and Endings

The year ends and so begins the next chapter of R3 Design.  If you are a first time visitor, let me back it up. 2013 was the year that I formally launched this venture.  For nearly a decade, I had "traditional jobs, " freelancing and doing design on the side, mostly...

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