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It snowed last night.  I was listening to Christmas music pretty much all day.  The seasons are changing and I am getting into the holiday spirit.  It may be a touch early, but I am I have no problems with it, and thought it might be nice to feature a festive script that fits the Holiday Season.

Euphoria Script is an informal script type created by Sabrina Lopez of Typesenses, a types & crafts is a foundry created in 2009. The typeface began with letterform sketches made by hand with a copperplate nib, which were redrawn digitally with the stroke endings of a brush script. This makes the type seem playful, which is important in casual scripts. It has very fast curves, thanks to the slight slant angle, but it remains highly legible.

I love this font because it just feels so celebratory. It works fantastically for titles and short phrases and would be an excellent typeface for content about food, fashion, music or anything which is animated, cheerful or refreshing.

Euphoria Script Sample




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