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Thank you LaunchPad! It has been quite a journey. When I started my business a few years ago, I did not imagine some of the scenarios I have found myself in over the past couple of years. Becoming part of the LaunchPad family helped in my professional evolution in many ways. A dedicated workspace, personal confidence, networking and new connections. I am thankful.

In the coming months, a longtime dream will become reality. Having a studio space was something I projected several years out, but this little town has been so darn conducive to adventuring and so supportive to entrepreneurship, that my plans accelerated much faster than I imagined. I haven’t been unhappy at LaunchPad. One the contrary, as I have mentioned, it has been great. But I wanted a space a little more permanent and personal, with the capacity to set up all my art supplies and not have to lug around a laptop. And oh those windows!!

I actually sort of stumbled into it. Some close friends and colleagues of mine, had recently opened their own little space, Kendall Studios, a few months earlier. I went over to congratulate them and in that visit, got to see the neighboring space. At the time, I wrote it off as way too big for me, and probably too expensive. But the itch started, so I began scratching.

I slowly started looking around downtown, exploring different possibilities, nooks and crannies, getting more and more of an idea of what I wanted (and didn’t want). I just kept coming back to that first treasure.

Then it hit me. I am already in a co-workspace situation, why not continue in those circumstances? What if I could find a couple of fine folks to join me? It didn’t hurt to find out, so I began shooting out emails and long story short, I am thrilled to be setting up shop with local photographer, Stuart Meade and fellow graphic designer Anne Berry.

I really like the idea of a co-working space, and I am not alone. According to recent article in Deskmag, there are a lot of benefits.

  • 62% said their standard of work had improved
  • 88% report an increase in self-confidence
  • 70% feel healthier than they did working in a traditional office
  • 71% report a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space

Check. Check. Check. Check.

Furthermore, “co-working allows for flexibility in both time and space, attracting people who do their own thing but also participate within a community.” My experience once again. So what ultimately what really made me pursue this is how great a space it is. It is fantastic, with great light, a great view and so open.

Topping it off is the opportunity to work with a former client, Julie Bergdall of Red Door Design. She came in and helped make our group’s zillion ideas cohesive, and of course give it her own special twist. The evidence it below.


The next month or two will no doubt feel eternal as we get the space set up. But everday I am thankful, and excited for what is to come!

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