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Fleming Wedding Keepsake
Bookmark Preview
One of the most fun aspects of a wedding, in my opinion, is the personal story that can emerge through a common practice. When my client approached me about creating her wedding invitations and stationary, I was very pleased, but did not expect this exceptionally enjoyable addendum project.

For the wedding reception favor, the bride and groom wanted to express their common love of literature and language by giving the wedding attendees a bookmark. Each bookmark was representative of a favorite, influential, or otherwise impacting story. Additionally, the bookmarks were used to identify which table the attendees were to sit at. Some of the stories were familiar to me, others required some research, and this was definitely a collaborative effort, one that was very enlightening and just straight up fun!

Rafael is very artistic and creative! His creativity and background allow him to design a diverse array of products across a variety of platforms. Aside from being a great value, he is always punctual and works well with clients on the creative process. Kate Rothrock Fleming



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