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Chemical Imbalance

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Sometimes, you end up going in the direction you didn’t really want to go, but you end up there anyway because it worked best. This was one of those projects. In our initial discussions, there was a lot of talk of staying away from the more obvious visuals of chemicals, and focusing more on a sense of imbalance. In the end, incorporating a QR into a chemical bottle worked so well that we decided to stick with the concept and incorporate imbalance in various other aspects of the poster.

Working with scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Chemical Imbalance is a play where characters are thrown together through love, hate, lust, dread and longing in an imbalanced and imperfect world. “Every thought, every mood is a chemical imbalance, disrupting their days, destroying and creating their lives,” said director Phil Weaver-Stoesz. Shakespeare shakes “the ground that we stand on–the lovers in his plays capture, hurt, demolish and embrace one another. Their bodies slosh and their hearts cave in–they cannot sit still.”

Check out this promo video put together for the show!



  • Hey there people This is me on a Thursday afternoon
  • Lots of blame lots of finger pointing lots of complacency
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  • Sunday morning reflections Some things are just so simple but
  • So fun playing with the different pens on the ipadpro
  • Another circle tattoo design for a friend handletteringletteringdesigndesigneripadpro create tattoo
  • Shout out to matthewkrabill and tonikrabill for the sweet tshirt
  • Not what I packed but what I am thinking about
  • Back at it monday handlettered handlettering letteringletters calligraphymondaymotivation hustle
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  • Create beauty      handletteringletteringdesigndesignerink pen create
  • 1 week til Easter palmsunday hosanna handlettering lettering design designer
  • Warming up lettering handlettering design designer minimalism minimal handlettered letters


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