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'Hoos in The House

As any college football fan knows, getting a bowl invitation is a big deal.  What most people may not realize is the frenetic pace that ensues once the selections are made.  A giant marketing and organizational push needs to be made in a mystery city, in a span of about three weeks.  The collective effort to have a successful outing (apart from the game itself) are monumental.

In 2011, UVA was invited to take on the Auburn Tigers in the Chick-fil-A bowl in Atlanta. There were several events surrounding the game, and several communication pieces sent out leading up the the big game.

I was personally put in charge of many of the Office of Engagement marketing pieces, which included a campaign called ‘Hoos in the House.

'Hoos in the House Poster



  • Shout out to msprinted for the new pencil Had to
  • Thanks again to davidkendallart thelinkgc and goshencollege for having me
  • Finally got some new business cards Got enough for probably
  • Thanks thelinkgc and goshencollege for having me It was great
  • Working on a goshen tshirt design Red or black? Maybe
  • Thirdposter Taking the illustration a bit further design designer graphicdesign
  • Secondposter A little more fun with color designdesignergraphicdesigngraphicdesigner illustration adobe
  • I am pleased to be speaking at my alma mater
  • Second poster idea A more literal take on the journey
  • Digitizedtypefor the poster title letteringlettersdesigndesignergraphicdesigngraphicdesignerjourneyhandletteredhandlettering
  • Working out some type for one of the poster lettering
  • Next step digitizing my sketch Up next lettering design designer
  • Sketching out some poster ideas for an upcoming speaking engagement
  • I have a bunch of these letterpress prints Need a
  • Hey there people This is me on a Thursday afternoon
  • Lots of blame lots of finger pointing lots of complacency


Door Hangar

Along with the poster, I produced a door hanger that was the take-away for the week-end participants.

Mock Up

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