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Magic SC Logo

The Middlebury Magic Soccer Club (“Magic SC”) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that aims is to advance youth soccer in the area by providing players with the opportunity to develop to the best of

I always love working with local businesses and organizations, feeling like I have something unique to offer, so I was really excited when the Board President reached out to me to develop a new logo for this soccer club. Being a huge soccer fan myself, I felt like I could bring something extra to the project as well. the club was looking for a refresh, but was also moving from being called Middlebury Magic, to Magic SC, in the hopes of better describing their player base.

This was an opportunity to try something new, clean, simple and fresh. The club was looking to feel a little more professional, staying away from the obvious “magic” elements – stars, wizards, hats and so forth. While paying homage to the Middlebury Magic name with a double M presentation, the new logo uses a traditional crest emblazoned with a stylized M.

Logo Comparison
White Uniform
Green Uniform
Business Cards

I’m very pleased with the final result and the board loves it. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Vince Baltazar

Board President, MAGIC SC



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