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Middlebury Animal Clinic

Middlebury Animal Clinic

Middlebury Animal Clinic is a veterinary clinic in Middlebury, Indiana. They are dedicated to providing high quality veterinary medicine, client education, and developing long-term relationships with clients and their pets.

I have stated many times that one of the aspects that I enjoy the most of what I do, is that I get to engage with and learn about many different types of businesses and people. The folks at Middlebury Animal Clinic are extremely friendly, and absolute animal lovers to their core.

After the recent retirement of their lead veterinarian, and with a new head veterinarian stepping in, the clinic was undergoing several changes. One of which included a needed update in their web presence. For this project, I worked in conjunction with another designer, who had created their logo. Their brand was carefully considered as their website would be a major entry point for new customers.

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Working with Rafael to get our website done has been a great experience. He did exactly what I asked and made my job easy. He is very creative and knowledgable. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a new, modern website.

Sara Granberg

DVM, Middlebury Animal Clinic



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