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Sonnet Soundscape

A GoShakes Production
Final Sonnet Soundscape Poster

A SONNET SOUNDSCAPE: Day and Night and Loving Eye, Winter Cold and Summer Sky

This poster design was for an original presentation put on by GoShakes, based on selected sonnets of William Shakespeare, narrating the seasons of life. This project included a complete redesign, as the original vision for the play shifted mid production. This was due in part to the production’s heavy emphasis on a musical backbone; and GoShakes was very pleased to have a local musical group, Moral Circus participate in the event.



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Sonnet Soundscape Poster - version 1

Version 1

This was the first submission, which I personally was happy with. Unfortunately, the concept no longer fit the theme of the show, which had evolved away from a Celtic backdrop.

Sonnet Soundscape Poster - version 1

Version 2

The concept evolved highlighting the vocal inferences.  My client wanted additional complexity, which would be more in line with the varied and explosive nature of the production.

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