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Willow Oak Services

Willow Oak Business Card
Willow Oak Services provides counseling and coaching services aiming to nurture resilience and strength for the challenges of life. The name is derived from the Willow Oak, which is flexible and bends with the winds, and simultaneously tall, strong and sturdy in the face of harsh weather.

Like all my logo projects, I began with some research and a sketchbook. Sometimes working with such an overt visual is quite challenging as it can be difficult to get the creative juices going on. So I started with the obvious, a tree, and a leaf and began pushing those out. The idea of a “reaching tree” was well received but because the leaves were much more distinct, we ended up going that direction. A few typographic approaches were made, but in the end we decided on a hand/leaf combo paired with a flowing script as the primary typeface.

Willow Oak Sketches



  • Hey there people This is me on a Thursday afternoon
  • Lots of blame lots of finger pointing lots of complacency
  • Love love handlettered handlettering lettering design graphicdesign ipadpro nofilter artoftheday
  • Another Ubuntu lettered globe concept tattoo tattoodesign handlettered handlettering lettering
  • Love Give Serve love give serve tattoo tattoodesign handletteredhandlettering letteringletters
  • A poem by rupikaur handletteredhandlettering lettering letters calligraphy design graphicdesign
  • Sunday morning reflections Some things are just so simple but
  • So fun playing with the different pens on the ipadpro
  • Another circle tattoo design for a friend handletteringletteringdesigndesigneripadpro create tattoo
  • Shout out to matthewkrabill and tonikrabill for the sweet tshirt
  • Not what I packed but what I am thinking about
  • Back at it monday handlettered handlettering letteringletters calligraphymondaymotivation hustle
  • goodmorning lettering handlettering ipadpro artoftheday sunshine morning design graphicdesign
  • Create beauty      handletteringletteringdesigndesignerink pen create
  • 1 week til Easter palmsunday hosanna handlettering lettering design designer
  • Warming up lettering handlettering design designer minimalism minimal handlettered letters


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