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Willow Oak Services

Willow Oak Business Card
Willow Oak Services provides counseling and coaching services aiming to nurture resilience and strength for the challenges of life. The name is derived from the Willow Oak, which is flexible and bends with the winds, and simultaneously tall, strong and sturdy in the face of harsh weather.

Like all my logo projects, I began with some research and a sketchbook. Sometimes working with such an overt visual is quite challenging as it can be difficult to get the creative juices going on. So I started with the obvious, a tree, and a leaf and began pushing those out. The idea of a “reaching tree” was well received but because the leaves were much more distinct, we ended up going that direction. A few typographic approaches were made, but in the end we decided on a hand/leaf combo paired with a flowing script as the primary typeface.

Willow Oak Sketches



  • Shout out to msprinted for the new pencil Had to
  • Thanks again to davidkendallart thelinkgc and goshencollege for having me
  • Finally got some new business cards Got enough for probably
  • Thanks thelinkgc and goshencollege for having me It was great
  • Working on a goshen tshirt design Red or black? Maybe
  • Thirdposter Taking the illustration a bit further design designer graphicdesign
  • Secondposter A little more fun with color designdesignergraphicdesigngraphicdesigner illustration adobe
  • I am pleased to be speaking at my alma mater
  • Second poster idea A more literal take on the journey
  • Digitizedtypefor the poster title letteringlettersdesigndesignergraphicdesigngraphicdesignerjourneyhandletteredhandlettering
  • Working out some type for one of the poster lettering
  • Next step digitizing my sketch Up next lettering design designer
  • Sketching out some poster ideas for an upcoming speaking engagement
  • I have a bunch of these letterpress prints Need a
  • Hey there people This is me on a Thursday afternoon
  • Lots of blame lots of finger pointing lots of complacency


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