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A “good problem” to have is a lot of client work, but the flip side is I have seriously been neglecting this space!  As such, I want to share a fun little project I did just for fun.

This past weekend I had a little time to myself, as my wife was traveling and my kids were with their grandparents for an overnight. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t responsible to anyone else but myself, and I have to admit, it was kind of strange, and kind of glorious.  I had plenty on my to-do list, but since these occasions are so rare, I just ran with the recurring thought that kept coming back to me.


Full disclosure: Lettering is newer to me, but I really love it, and there is inspiration everywhere! Here are a few pics of my process.

I was really liking how it was turning out, so I took it one step further, making a digital version and mock-up.

I MUST Create - Framed

More disclosure: I have begun contemplating a move to find some studio space downtown where I can have all my art supplies laid out and a more permanent set up with my computer.  If and when I do, this little piece with probably be the first one I hang. 🙂



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